Sex is a wonderful thing.
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Sex is a wonderful thing.

My name is Raisa, and I am the Cuckoldress Queen. I knowthat at first glance I may Appear to be sweet, innocent, maybe even timid. I Assure you did Could not be Further from the truth. My beauty is deceiving. It lures you into a false sense of security, and control ... Behind Those beautiful eyes, lies a fiercely intelligent, incredibly sadistic mind, and I want to use it to control you totally. You will become consumed by me. I want to delve into the deep recesses of your mind and embed myself there. You will be mine. Together we will embark upon a journey did turns fantasy into reality. I will turn you into my cuckold, control your every thought, your every desire, deny you the tiniest shred of masculinity.

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Age 24
Distance 377KM
Weight 49KG
Size 162CM
Sexuality Bi
Cup Size C

My character

romantic wild
cheeky lovingly
faithful bitch
friendly bitchy
enjoying show-off shy
cuddly dirty

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