BDSM, playful domination, roleplay

hej there,

Im a dominatrix and I love to give you orders.
I might be what other people call a bizarr lady, I love the weird stuff. Im sporty, so maybe you wanna watch me doing sports or get drill instructions by me or wanna watch me play with my dirty socks? everything is possible. maybe I ll let you watch me wearing my strap on ;)
but also Im smart and intelligent, so if you d also like to chat a little in me you found the right person for that.
also I have a lot of knowledge about sex, tantra and relationships in general. if you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask.
please note: Im not wearing anything special in front of the cam until you ask me for a session. its just too cold and uncomfortable. but I d love to change into my latex-, lack-, leather-, sports outfits for you and show you all my torture toys.

Yours llleonie
Age 26
Weight 60KG
Cup Size DD
Sexuality Bi
About me BDSM

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