Wanna be my Slave

My name is Princess Venus, and I am a lifestyle dominatrix. Simple as that may sound this sentence is an identity.

I was born to dominate, and I have been dominating as far back as I can remember.
I enjoy the ceremony of being worshipped, of being feared, and of being glorified. I watch with confident pleasure as you bow at my feet recognizing my superiority and yielding to my every wish.
I dominate with a look or whisper I needn’t use a whip or raise my voice. When I hurt you, my dear Slave, I do so because I enjoy how you choose to suffer for me and sacrifice your comfort for my entertainment.
I cherish the feeling of being able to free yourself from your burden by helping you sink further into your submission for me.
Nothing can be so beautiful to me as THAT expression in your eyes.
The expression that says: “in being your slave I have found my freedom”.

Yours PrincesseVenus
Age 32
Weight 64KG
Cup Size D
Sexuality Bi
About me BDSM

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